CV Lines Take on the Look of a Hybrid

Saying that there is interest for PP-TPE insulated cables is an understatement. Sustainability, is one reason. Our hybrid extrusion line for the production of XLPE and PP-TPE power cables is here!

To say that the interest is lively during recent years about PP-TPE insulated power cables is an understatement. One principal driver stands out. It’s sustainability, which is a strong part of Maillefer’s values. At this end, we aim to be a supplier of solutions and respond to the changing demand in the market. It’s here! The news of our hybrid line for the production of traditional XLPE and PP-TPE insulated cables is known. The type of line is a highly functional solution for the needs of an industry that moves with caution.


Part of our DNA

Getting familiar with the subject in-depth through research & development and an understanding of the requirements is part of our DNA. The research and usability of PP-TPE materials for the production of medium and high voltage cables has been a big challenge. We have achieved extremely successful results - thanks to cooperation from our wide network of partners.


An HV PP-PTE 110kV insulated cable hot off a CV Hybrid line


The result has been the identification of equipment requirements and developing them to meet the needs. An essential part of this stage has been equipment testing in our own R&D environment. The extrusion process has been developed to meet these requirements. Modifying the line configuration to ultimately fulfil the needs of the manufacturing process is an essential part of product development.


Going for a big plus

Our CV Hybrid line is a welcome addition to our product family of medium and high voltage cables. This concept is born through a result of strong product development work. The CV Hybrid line can produce traditional XLPE insulated cables, as well as PP-TPE. The ability to insulate cables now or for the future is quite reassuring.


Cable manufacturers work to meet existing demand, yet are ready for one that is evolving. Being ready when the market demands more PP-TPE insulated cables is a big plus. There is remarkable cooperation in the field to address challenges in availability of commercial grade PP-TPE materials. Maillefer’s strong knowledge and understanding of PP-TPE market also accelerates our customers’ ability to reach their skill level faster in this changing environment.


Looking towards Hybrid


Whether needing new capacity or modernization of existing capacity for the production of PP-TPE cables, Maillefer’s CV Hybrid concept is a progressive solution. After much efforts, the fist lines are operating in China. Many more new lines are on the books and are lined up to be installed throughout the current year, across the globe.


Timo Mäkelä, Process Specialist




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