Wanma Cable Produces for a Greener Future

Wanma Cable has hybrid ability for producing both classic XLPE power cables and ones made of PP-TPE reserved for green energy. Thanks to the important development efforts realized on our CV extrusion line.

Wanma Cable is now equipped with PP-TPE and XLPE extrusion capacity combined. The group based outside of Hangzhou, China has recently installed Maillefer’s hybrid extrusion systems in their Qindao factory. The expansion allows them to produce greener power cables for both domestic customers and markets abroad.


The company describes itself a big enterprise specializing in the production of power cables. Founded in 1992, Wanma Cable has since sourced their equipment from leading European suppliers. They state that the technology acquired is allowing them to manufacture cable that positions them on an advanced level internationally.


Hybrid ability

In terms of Maillefer systems installed, we have provided Wanma Cable with several systems which can be divided in two types: the EPL30 lines for classic medium voltage XLPE cable and the EPL50 high-voltage lines with hybrid capabilities. It is our Multipurpose CV line that moves customers closer to a greener future when making medium and high voltage cables.


This concept is born through a result of strong product development work. The Multipurpose CV line can produce traditional XLPE insulated cables, as well as PP-TPE. PP


TPE cables a big plus

Cable manufacturers like Wanma Cable work hard to meet existing demand, yet are equipped for one that is evolving. Being able to produce as the market demands more PP-TPE insulated cables is a big plus. There is remarkable cooperation in the field to address challenges in availability of commercial grade PP-TPE materials. Maillefer’s strong knowledge and understanding of PP-TPE market also accelerates our customers' ability to reach their skill level faster in this changing environment.


Wanma Cable’s multipurpose CV line extruders include our newest hybrid cooling systems that can either be water or air cooled. Depending on the process, the desired cooling method can be chosen. The crosshead’s flow distribution and design is well suited for processing both XLPE and PP-TPE. The lines also include a Neutral Zone Post Heater NZPH. This provides more heat capacity for the XLPE vulcanization process.


A progressive solution

Wanma Cable has made the move to produce power cables destined towards a greener future. Whether needing new capacity or modernizing existing capacity for the production of PP-TPE cables, our CV Hybrid concept offers cable makers a progressive solution.


Lasse Salminen, Process Engineer MV & HV Products


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