Don’t Overdo It – Save Material!


The Vertical Pilot Line in our R&D Center opens an exceptional opportunity to develop and improve every step of the cable production process. Various cable quality issues are visible only after the curing process. Our research environment offers a unique possibility to study these concerns.

Major benefits

Roundness is essential for efficient use of insulation material. Reduced material use will lead to major cost savings in annual production of a CV line. Besides, savings in insulation material is not the only cost benefit. In submarine cables for example, material savings are even greater in the lead jacketing process. Good roundness also improves the longitudinal water tightness between the lead sheath and the cable core.

In addition, roundness is vital for pre-molded and -fabricated joints and terminations. Making cable joints is much faster and easier when the cable core has excellent roundness.


35 ton annual insulation material savings (1000 mm2 220kV).

Increased efficiency

Based on our extensive process know-how and supported by recent trials on the Vertical Pilot Line, we have already been able to increase several customers’ material efficiency.

Occasionally manufacturers can experience sudden drops in cable quality when launching new products. We have put our process model in practice by analyzing sometimes even minute changes in customers’ process conditions. In many cases our process improvement suggestions have been very useful and our customers have been able to improve product quality.

Revolutionary results

Based on the extensive studies made with our Vertical Pilot Line we have been able to make a new breakthrough in CV technology! Never before have we seen such a drastic improvement in productivity and
increased product quality at the same time. The new technology has been tested on the Vertical Pilot Line with several different HV and EHV cable constructions and all have shown excellent results.

Janne Harjuhahto
R&D Engineer

Topics: Product quality, R&D, Production cost, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation

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