Estralin Taps into the Power of an SLA


A Service Level Agreement with Maillefer is in vigor at Estralin High Voltage Cable LLC in Russia. During a recent SLA visit, we gave the customer's equipment a maintenance check and gave their management a series of recommendations to improve performance. Since then, several actions have been undertaken. Estralin now requests additional support as they prepare for the upcoming bi-annual visit.

An SLA fit for the situation

The factory is equipped with a CV line from Maillefer, which is covered by the SLA. Estralin's annual agreement includes one preventive maintenance check, two service visits and privileged access to Maillefer's Service Support Desk.

Ms Ekaterina Shishkina, Chief of Workshop, says "The advantage with this SLA is that we adapted the contract to the type and frequency of services that we needed and according to our specific situation. The scheduled visits were mutually agreed upon based on occupation of resources and line availability. By planning ahead, we are getting a better handle on our maintenance costs beforehand."

Raised level of preparedness

Since the last SLA visit, Estralin has followed certain recommendations like replacing problem valves on the line. They have purchased nearly all the critical parts that we suggested they have in stock. An inner semicon screw is under consideration, following measurements of screw and barrel wear. Estralin has raised their level of preparedness in comparison to where they were before our service call.

More services are in now discussion with Estralin, like adding Process Survey and Training to the package. It is a privilege to assist Ms Shishkina and her colleagues as they tap into the power of an SLA and discover their hidden potential.

Harry Excell
Sales Manager, Maillefer Services

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