Focus on Reinforced TPV for Automotive

New automotive tube types are in demand, including those made with thermoplastic elastomer. Indeed, a dual-layer reinforced TPV construction is occupying an important place in today’s EV cooling circuits.

Our portfolio of automotive tube extrusion lines is established both among manufacturers as well as with key material suppliers. But certain line types are drawing attention on tubes destined for Electric Vehicles (EV) alongside ones existing in Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). New tube types are in demand, including those made with thermoplastic elastomer. Materials from this polymer family (e.g. TPV) offer an attractive alternative to rubber. Indeed, a dual-layer reinforced TPV construction is occupying an important place in today’s EV cooling circuits.


Choice in the portfolio

The typical automotive ICE tube is a multi-layer product composed of a selection polyamides (PA), polyethylenes (PE), fluoropolymers (PVDF, EFTE), or other polymers. The material is chosen for its functional features and determines its layer position in the tube’s design.


For producing ICE tube, we propose essentially three different extrusion line types – monolayer, three-layer and five-layer (or six) – either as smooth tube or corrugated.

Whereas with the growing demand in EV tube, we see interest on the rise for processing ability in elastomer and TPV. This section of our portfolio includes a line for rubber and another for TPV. Clearly, it is our extrusion line for TPV dual layer tube with an inner textile reinforcement that is drawing attention.


Line for TPV reinforced

The PAL 032-2 Tandem has a typical dual extrusion group configuration that includes the following key components:

  • First layer MXC 60 mm extruder
  • TL 54 longitudinal head
  • Vacuum calibrating and cooling trough
  • Knitting machine with caterpillar
  • Outer layer MXC 60 mm extruder
  • ECH 35/45 crosshead
  • Second section of cooling trough
  • Haul-off caterpillar RCB 75
  • Cutting unit CMC 50
  • Nomos PSU line control
  • Thickness & diameter gauges, marking unit
  • Approximate footprint 130 – 160 m2 (length 35 - 40 m).


Typical layout of the PAL 032-2 for reinforced TPV tube


The line is designed to produce reinforced EV cooling hoses in the diameter range from 5 to 30 mm. The tandem extrusion groups have the processing ability for a range of TPV material, down to supple grades with Shore values as low as 55A. We offer our clients expertise for precise tube calibration and full component integration including OEM knitting, ancillaries, measurement devices, controls, and downstream cutting or coiling.


Driven by electric

New EV pipe, hose, or tube production capacity is on the rise. One major reason is the need for the automobile makers to keep electrical components and battery systems cool. We are helping their tier level suppliers worldwide accelerate capacity towards a greener future thanks to our reinforced TPV tube extrusion line.


Pascal Scaramuzzino, PhD
Product Manager, Automotive and Elastomer Systems


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