State-of-the-Art Multi-layer for Heating & Plumbing

The new generation multi-layer crosshead for co-extruding today’s EVOH, PE-RT and PEX materials has arrived. Its nested distributor design results in perfect layer concentricity.

This new generation multi-layer crosshead is for co-extrusion of today’s EVOH, PE-RT and PEX processing requirements. Typical tube constructions include a simple PE pipe, or one with an outer EVOH skin, or ultimately one with EVOH and an additional outer protective PE layer. Adhesive is co-extruded with PE and EVOH for bonding the layers, thus the five extruder entry ports.

The ECH 10/45 ML produces pipe up to 32 mm in diameter. The helical type distributors are designed according to the specific materials processed. They fit into each other easily and are optimized perfect layer concentricity.


  • Easy setup for multi-layer configurations, from 1 to 5 layers
  • Designed for PEX, PE-RT, EVOH and adhesive
  • Optimized for differing melt viscosities
  • Easy handling for cleaning and maintenance operations
  • Optional anti-die drool surface treatment for PEX.


Christoph Radermacher
Product Manager, Heating & Plumbing Pipe

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