Never too Late to Learn


The long standing reputation of Maillefer as a full service provider comes in part from our history in empowering customer staff with knowledge useful in their daily tasks. Today, Maillefer Services continues with the role of federating know-how within and promoting it beyond. We simply want your people to have the needed tools to best do their job on our equipment.

Multiple skills

Both experienced and non-experienced trainees will find our training program suited to their interests. Some courses give general equipment overviews or specific in-depth technical insight, while others are more oriented to process, production, maintenance, or quality concerns. The mechanically inclined will feel at home with component training while the automation expert will gain abilities to navigate through integrated controls.

Some package examples taken from the Wire & Cable training program include:

  • Production Lines
  • Process Know-how
  • Extrusion Components
  • Cable Pulling Components
  • CV Equipment Servicing
  • Line Automation
  • Curing Calculation

Flexible format

The duration of course modules varies from one to five days, depending on the material to be covered and the number of hands-on exercises. For example, the Process course for CV lines takes five days and covers XLPE compounds to safety precautions and everything in between. Classes take place at our headquarters in Finland using our equipment. But, they are also available on-location, with training dedicated to your staff and on your site.

Opportunity to perform

Doing the best job on our equipment brings valuable benefit for you. Motivation, competence, rapidity, autonomy, and flexibility are examples of employee characteristics that can be enhanced through a training session. Give your people the opportunity for higher performance with a training package from Maillefer Services.

Heikki Haapakoski
Service Manager

Topics: Performance solutions, Maillefer Services, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing

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