NEW - Aviation Specific Extrusion Line

Aviation_100dpi_BThe continued increase in electronic applications in aviation and aerospace industry in addition to the growing demand from aircraft manufactures for enhanced data transmission are a major challenge in cabling systems. Maillefer has responded to this demand by developing an aviation specific extrusion line.

A pilot extrusion line for aviation cable production has already been installed at our R&D center in Finland. The new line is dedicated to X-ETFE extrusion (cross-linked modified ETFE). Depending on the cable specifications, it can be produced with single layer or dual layer in tandem. The new aviation line can produce cables for both, civil and military aviation applications.

We have made comprehensive extrusion studies achieving stabile and robust conditions even with very thin AWG category 32 wires. The main goal of the R&D project has been flawless continuous production. It is the main driver in controlling the production costs when raw materials play a significat role in the manufacturing chain. The new cross head design is also noteworthy. It ensures uniform thickness even with very thin insulation layers.

Furthermore, the new extrusion line can be used for all types of fluropolymer and high temperature materials.


Ramiro Rodriguez, Product Manager

Topics: Production cost, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing

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