New Gas Circulation Blower

PMM100Our new Gas Circulation Blower PMM 100 is essential for reliable cooling circulation in different phases of the process in making high quality medium, high and extra high voltage cables. The most critical and sensitive element in this circulation system is the blower and how it is sealed mechanically.

The principle idea of the new Gas Circulation Blower PMM 100 is based on a permanentmagnet motor which does not have a mechanical seal. A blower with a mechanical seal is known to be failure sensitive due to its complex and fragile construction. Our PMM 100 also enables significantly longer maintenance intervals thanks to the closed structure and when compared to a conventional blower with a mechanical seal.

Benefits of this arrangement

  • Reliability – 3 years so far since its first release, without problems
  • High efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • Easy to adapt into new or existing CV line.

Act Now and Upgrade!

Want to save your maintenance and nitrogen consumption costs due to the leakage in your nitrogen blower which requires a line stop and sealing replacement? Our nitrogen blower upgrade package with a seal free nitrogen blower allows longer periods before scheduled maintenance on the nitrogen blower. Our standard delivery time for an upgrade is 16 weeks. Maillefer Services will be happy to assist you in upgrade planning. Contact us at:


Harry Excell
Sales Manager - Maillefer Services

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