New Tools for the Digital Future

Data gathering, monitoring, and handling are a clear trend and need in the process industry. Decisive tools are here for customers to stay on top of the information chain.

It is the way to truly know what is happening in real-time, in an overall production environment, and to have all the background data stored for future use. Maillefer is offering novel products for our customers to stay on top of the information chain. They include on-time dashboarding, maintenance schedules, and easy-to-access documentation systems to support and sustain the production of a line and beyond, up to the factory level.

Various possibilities

Maillefer offers a unique opportunity with the new Smart Monitoring products, where customers begin real-time monitoring of the performance of entire production lines or specific machines within a line. This monitoring can be the key process parameters (tags) from one line or several lines producing the same quality. Comparing line performances will boost best-practice thinking in any factory to achieve higher outputs on all lines. In this case, various measurement gauges are connected for real-time data collection, storage, and analysis to secure end quality.

We have created various applications that are available as separate packages depending on the customer’s need. Target user groups range from workshops to management; a tailor-made subscription is key to covering the actual requirements.

Three tools to choose from

Our Smart Monitoring family has three applications/features available today, according to your specific requirements:

  1. Smart Data for Quality Control, Process Engineering, and R&D: Data gathering from all Maillefer lines in one place. Analyzing tools and reports through the Historian Client software. Basically, unlimited storage and choice from 500 up to 10’000 tags to follow, depending on your needs.
  2. Smart Production for Management and Process Engineering: A dashboarding tool (Web Client) showing the status of the production. Real-time tailormade dashboards to visualize your lines.
  3. Smart Maintenance for Maintenance and Production: Preventive maintenance guidelines, and help tools to do the right thing at the right time. Easy to report service tool that builds an informative and thorough service book for the Maintenance team. Scheduler and planning tool included, the team can plan their activities weeks ahead for the next production shutdown.

    Flexibility is built in. You get access rights for modifying and adding the dashboarding and features as your demands change or increase. This will enable you to develop the tool together with your operation. It’s your assurance on performance, secure output, and acting sustainably.

Roger Möller, VP Services

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