Process Know-how Is the Key


FiberHome, China

FiberHome Technologies Group is a leading product manufacturer and solution provider in the field of information technology and telecommunications. Through continuous and intensive development of over 40 years, the business scope has been extended to R&D, manufacturing, marketing & sales, engineering and service to four major industries: fiber-optic communications, data networking communications, wireless communications, and intelligent applications. Furthermore, FiberHome is the unique global supplier for end-to-end solutions with optoelectronic devices, optic fiber & cable, and optical communication systems.

FiberHome aims to be one of the leading global solution providers in the field of information technology and telecommunications with continuous innovation and an unwavering spirit to challenge.

Increasing demand

The fiber optic market is growing very fast, not only in China but around the world. Naturally, as FiberHome is one of the biggest fiber optic cable producers in China, they needed a new and very fast production line to satisfy the ever increasing demand. With a new line, FiberHome plans to also further expand in the global market.

Long partnership

In order to increase activities internationally, acquiring the latest process know-how and technology is key. FiberHome trusts that with our support it is possible to influence and grow their brand worldwide. The partnership has been a long one. Indeed, the first secondary coating line was commissioned in 1992. Fiberhome counts four Maillefer fiber optic cable production lines. They include one jacketing line and three secondary coating lines with the most recently commissioned one in June 2016.

Tripled productivity

FiberHome chose our Fiber Optic Cable Secondary Coating Line OEL 40///Explore simply because of its performance. It gave them the capacity to produce several of their new products, which was impossible to do on their two other secondary coating lines. The new technology was a must, but there was more. With a new OEL 40///Explore line, FiberHome saw the productivity of their loose tube production jump threefold.

Advantage gained

FiberHome's Director of Cable Manufacturing Center Mr. Huang Fei describes our support. “Cooperation worked well during the line installation and commissioning. Maillefer’s commissioning engineers did an outstanding job when testing the products and materials with the new line. Their machinery and process know-how was of great help when developing and fine tuning the production process. Product quality also significantly improved due to better control of the excess fiber length and post shrinkage. It is a huge advantage when expanding in the global market.”

Jari Nykänen
Product Manager, Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

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