State-of-the-Art Multi-Layer Extrusion Head

The ECH 5/50 ML is a versatile multi-layer head for the production of automobile fuel, vapor return, battery cooling tubes, and more. Available for up to six layers, for both smooth or corrugated tubes.

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Multi-Layer Extrusion Head

This head is commonly used in a 5- or 6-layer configuration, yet has the flexibility to switch down to a 4, 3, 2, and even a single layer setup. It is available with tooling for downstream corrugation, as well as for a smooth tube. This head features a stripe option too.

The distributors are designed for PA, PA6, PA612, PPA, EVOH, adhesive, PVDF, ETFE, EFEP, HDPE. They fit into each other smoothly and are optimized for easy handling. The head and its trolley support are movable along with a rail frame for fast access and changes to the configuration.


  • Hundreds of layer combinations
  • Rapid layer indexing
  • Corrugation, smooth tube, and striping features available
  • Convenient connections to the extruder array
  • Ease of use for assembly and cleaning.
Norbert Jotterand

Components and Heads Manager

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