Extrude small diameter fluoropolymer medical tubes with this new model ECH 5/10 F crosshead. Precision, quality and long production runs qualify this component.

Crosshead for Medical Tubes

This new model crosshead ECH 5/10 F is a single-layer head designed for the production of small diameter fluoropolymer medical tubes. The head’s design and construction ensure long production runs with a high resistance to corrosion. It includes an air injection system. Three heating zones allow individual temperature control of the connection, head, and die.


The extrusion head ECH 5/10 F is mounted directly on a swivel arm, offering a floor-saving advantage and user-friendly handling during cleaning or tool change operations. The head includes ports for pressure & temperature gauges, both supplied with the head.



  • Single-layer tube diameters of 0.25 to 8.0 mm
  • Resistant to fluoropolymer extrusion
  • Three individual heating zones
  • Manual adjustment on the die


Norbert Jotterand, 
Engineering Manager


Topics: Medical tube, Pipe & tube manufacturing, sustainability, crosshead, single layer, fluopolymer

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