Step into the Smart Circle

We are building up our Smart Circle throughout the coming months as we gear up for wire 2020 in Düsseldorf. The circle is the centerpiece for smart products that incorporate today's leading technologies.

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning, big data, industry 4.0, data mining, predictive analytics, 3D modeling and more are employed. The first products to arrive into our Smart Circle are revolutionizing the traditional understanding that surrounds wire, cable, pipe and tube manufacturing systems and processes. We are already seeing the impact today. The successes are undeniable.

Meeting the smart qualifications

For products to qualify as smart, they must present a sizeable amount of software and built-in know-how. They consist of varying degrees of hardware, and even sometimes have none at all. And in every case, they bring recognized value to the manufacturing environment. Products shown in the Smart Circle aim to complement human skills in one or several points, some of which include: 

  • Acute scrap detection
  • Predictive capabilities
  • Augmented line operation
  • Capability for high production high rates and tight tolerances
  • Flow optimization
  • Precise, decisive and repeatable control
  • Ability to analyze high volumes of data quickly.

First arrivals

The early arrivals into the circle include Smart Buffering, Smart Dosing, Roundness Optimization, Defect Detection, NCC Curing Calculation, Topography Scanner, Sim Factory, and Maillefer Factory Systems.

One example is Smart Buffering found on a fiber optic secondary buffering line. Here, AI helps predict to where the process is going. Its neural networks and predictive models captured from real industry environments are thrusting production performance and product quality forward while ensuring that your stay well in control of the demanding extrusion process. Smart Buffering takes the risk out of faulty adjustments to the process.

The Topography Scanner is another example where algorithms serve to analyze the cable surface to identify defects and anomalies, even subtle ones not visible even to the experienced operator. The predictive features serve to improve core quality as a whole and to avoid scrap situations. By informing and even acting on the process beforehand, AI keeps operating conditions in tight check and thus maximizes quality produced and machine up time.

Step into the Smart Circle

As we develop or improve more smart products that meet the qualifications, they will enter the circle and further demonstrate how our industry is evolving. At wire 2020 in Düsseldorf in December, we encourage you to step onto stand 10 C22. Join Maillefer in the Smart Circle and in the manufacturing revolution that is underway.

Mikko Lahti

Director, R&D

Topics: Solutions, Maillefer, Performance, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation

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