Sustainability via Raw Materials and Processes

The latest technology combined with upgrades can decrease material overuse and scrap by almost 10%. It is one way of addressing sustainability in a manufacturing environment.

We consider sustainability in two ways when thinking about the extrusion systems we provide. One is the focus on raw materials, and the other is on the manufacturing processes.


Material utilization

Maillefer has several ways to improve material utilization in the manufacturing processes. Our extruder designs offer high linearity and flow regularity. Quality ramp-ups and -downs have been the basis for our line control for decades. Depending on the manufacturing process one can save several percent in raw material consumption, notably when quality production begins immediately once the extrusion line is ready to produce.


Controlling the overuse of plastics creates vast opportunities for raw material utilization. Maillefer’s modern extruders open that possibility when minimizing the difference between the nominal and actual product dimensions. Quality product manufactured within tight tolerances requires less plastic.


Manufacturing efficiency

Machine utilization rate is the second key efficiency factor. A well-maintained line, of high-quality, guarantees high manufacturing utilization rates. Also, quality production has been of interest. Advanced process and quality controls make sure that quality consistency is maintained.


A line at top efficiency minimizes energy consumption per end-product kilometer, and as a result, carbon emissions are lessened. Maillefer is committed to lead as a technology provider of solutions with the best efficiency rates, best material utilization rates, and minimum energy requirements.


Technological solutions

High automation levels offer the advantages of speed and efficiency. The risk of error is reduced more and more, while operator assistance features increase. One example is modern artificial intelligence-based control solutions. They bring customer value by helping line operation and optimizing the process parameters. This improves both the production efficiency and the product end quality and material consumption.


Our technological solutions, on both a component and a line scale, are based on long-lasting and reliable components. Our machines are designed to last for decades. We also help customers maintain their productivity with aftermarket support. As a result, the life cycles of our offerings are extremely long. Sustainable investments with minimal carbon footprints are ensured.


Kilotons less plastic

Our installed base is huge – several thousand extrusion lines. Annually, five to seven megatons of plastic material go through those lines. The latest technology combined with upgrades can decrease the overuse and scrap amount by almost 10% or 550 kilotons. Those material savings are equivalent to the amount of plastic bags consumed annually in all of Europe.


Maillefer offers technologically advanced production lines. This helps our customers to maximize production efficiency and reduce the scrap in their manufacturing process. With Maillefer technology you save raw materials in remarkable ways and work towards building a more sustainable future.


Mikko Lahti, Director, R&D



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