Tape completes the picture

A tape emitter line for manufacturing irrigation laterals is available from Maillefer. With it, the full range of needs for smart water usage in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping is covered. 

The PIL032-TT ///Explore line completes our portfolio for micro-drip irrigation extrusion systems. Each of the line’s components is entirely specified, sourced and fully integrated by our dedicated interdisciplinary team.

Ability to respond

“We are extremely pleased to have a tape line included into our program”, states Thierry de La Harpe, Irrigation Product Manager at Maillefer. “It broadens our ability to respond to the variety of irrigation demands coming from all around the globe. The tape has the advantage of being a cost-competitive thinwall construction which is ideal for closely spaced seasonal crops.”

“Single-use laterals mean that plastic consumption costs during production must be kept at a minimum,” continues Mr. de La Harpe. “Plus tape relies on the continuous extrusion of the emitter profile as the lateral is produced, rather than depending on injection molded emitters with their specific set of sourcing and manufacturing requirements. In other words, material economy, supply flexibility and drip spacing are determinant factors when considering tape technology.”

Know-how from the start

Maillefer’s irrigation portfolio is backed up by a dedicated team having strong interdisciplinary skills. They exhibit the responsiveness requested by customers looking for the best fitting micro-drip solution. Consultation services may even include computer modeling, simulation and iterative improvement cycles in order to optimize how emitters flow and how finished laterals function in the field.

Flexibility in every type of drip

Maillefer’s tape line is engineered to produce DN 12 to 36 PE laterals with wall thickness ranging from 0.13 to 0.40 mm. It includes options to add identifying stripes and has adjustable drip spacing features. Specific components include the upstream tape extrusion and labyrinth rotomold in tandem with a single layer tube extrusion section, followed by a mechanical slitter and a fully automatic dual reeler. The slitter operates at up to 3 000 cycles per minute to access drip pools positioned at regular predetermined intervals. The user-friendly production line is easy to operate. Start-up mechanisms and functions ensure repeatable product quality, every time.

A complete portfolio

Maillefer provides extrusion lines for a variety of applications. Our entire micro-drip irrigation portfolio covers thin and heavy wall constructions, single to triple layers, use of recyclable material, options for striping and skin coloring, flat and round emitters, and various tape emitter designs.

Thierry de La Harpe
Irrigation Product Manager

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