Top Quality at Higher Speeds


Are you looking for higher productivity and performance in your medium, high and extra high voltage cable production? Our Neutral Zone Post Heating is a new method to accelerate line speeds in our EPL 50//Extend and EPL 50///Explore lines.

The common way

In conductor heating by induction just before and after the crosshead, the rapid increase in insulation temperature reduces the insulation viscosity and significant drooping occurs causing the insulation layer to be off-centered.

Our novel way

We have invented a new method – Neutral Zone Post Heating to increase heating and crosslinking capacity without the drooping effect.


With our new solution, inductive heating of the conductor is instead placed downstream of the vulcanisation tube. At this point, the crosslinking reaction has progressed sufficiently and the insulation is already partially crosslinked close to the conductor. This allows inductive heating of the conductor in order to accelerate completion of the crosslinking without the drooping effect.

Improve your existing CV-lines

Easy adaptation of the Maillefer Neutral Zone Post Heater and short production stoppages for its set up, enable boosting of also your current CV-line performance and productivity.


  • More than 25% higher line speeds in a customer pilot
  • Better cable quality
    • Lower surface temperature in the curing tube
    • Adequate crosslinking degree across the cable
    • Better roundness
  • Savings in factory building cost
    • Lower CV-tower due to shorter curing tube


Jorma Leppänen, Product Manager, MV/HV/EHV Cable Solutions

Topics: Product quality, Production Capacity, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation

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