Is Your Cable Production of Top Performance?


The nearly 500 delivered and commissioned Maillefer CV lines represent a huge pool of experience from within and outside of the company. We have now compiled this knowledge into a technology service package for high voltage (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) cable production. The package includes four different modules:


  •      Insulation Material Handling Service
  •      Insulation Process Service
  •      Degassing Process Service
  •      Sheathing Process Service


All four Maillefer Technology Services are provided with training, coaching, know-how transfer, documentation and follow-up support including visits to the customer site.  


Less Cable Breakdowns

The Insulation Material Handling Service helps in the design of HV and EHV material handling methods. It consists of a combination of specifications, design, training and systems delivery for a complete insulation material handling solution. The target sought is a clear reduction in cable breakdowns due to contaminants.

Faster Cable Production Start

The Insulation Process Service shortens the time to reach and maintain good cable quality by optimal resource and material usage and with optimum performance. By avoiding mistakes, the time to start commercial HV or EHV production is considerably shortened. We anticipate reductions of up to 2 to 3 years!

Optimum Degassing Lead Times 

The Degassing Process Service provides consultation for degassing facility design and time calculation extension to the NCC curing calculation and simulation program. This solution can remarkably shorten degassing lead times.

Better Quality and Material Savings

Finally, the outer Sheathing Process Service identifies the optimum process conditions that bring about better quality cable and material savings.


Harry Excell, Sales Manager, Customer Services

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