Up to 500 k€ Annual Material Savings with Groundbreaking New Maillefer Technology


Would you also like to have 20% higher line productivity in your VCV line? It is possible with our new patent pending curing technology - the Round Value Package Premium.

New cable curing technology yields results!

Based on the extensive studies made with our Vertical Pilot Line, we have been able to make a breakthrough in CV technology. Never before have we seen such drastic improvements in productivity coupled with increased product quality.


We have tested the new Round Value Package Premium on our Vertical Pilot Line with several high and extra high voltage cable constructions, up to 500 kV, and all have shown excellent results.

We are currently in the process of piloting the value package on a customer VCV line and expect the results to be just as extraordinary.

Roundness benefits

Optimal roundness is essential for efficient use of insulation material on a CV line. Cutting down on material overuse can lead to major cost savings throughout a yearly production. Insulation material saving is not the only cost benefit. Material savings are even greater in the subsequent processes, like in the case of lead jacketed cables where savings can reach up to 500 k€ per year!

Roundness is also vital for pre-molded and pre-fabricated joints and terminations. Constructing cable joints is much easier when the cable core has excellent roundness. It also improves the longitudinal water tightness between the lead sheath and cable core.


What you get with Round Value Package Premium

  • 20 - 50% more productivity
  • Excellent cable core roundness and increased product quality
  • Material savings in insulation and jacketing up to 500 k€ annually

Jorma Leppänen

Product Manager, MV/HV/EHV Cable Solutions

Topics: Product quality, Production Capacity, Production cost, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation

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