Processability with Maillefer Piloting

The test extruders at Maillefer are an easy and convenient way to develop your extrusion know-how in optimum conditions. We have three dedicated machines for trials, as well as stock extruders undergoing approval tests.


Maillefer-Processability with piloting

Reserved for you

Three dedicated MXC extruders compose the pilot test capability that are ready for operation at our R&D Center in Switzerland. Reserve them for bleed tests, screw & barrel choice, temperature profile optimization and more.

Choose from either the MXC 80-30D, 60-30D and 45-24D extruders with tooling that corresponds. For closer analysis, the later machine is specially equipped with temperature gauges placed along the barrel’s full length.

Conditioned for success

We prepare the extruder configuration for you. Our specialists accompany you throughout the trial period, which typically lasts

1 to 3 days. Recommendations and consultation are provided for:

  • Bleed tests
  • Screw and barrel selection
  • Temperature profile optimization, and more.

Whether testing PVC, PE, PEX, PA, TPU or entirely new formulations, we have a configuration that is suited for your trial needs. Make understanding polymer processability a success thanks to our trial extruders and the Maillefer Piloting program.

Yves Zweifel
R&D / Process Manager

Topics: R&D, Pipe & tube manufacturing, Performance