Maximize Your Production Lengths


The novel insulation screw SM7 is designed to reduce scorch risk by minimizing stagnation points. It is an evolution of the well proven SM5 design of which we have delivered into more than 200 insulation extruders globally.

Good subsea cables are all about a minimum number of joints and easy underwater installation. Subsea cable production is an excellent example where long production lengths are vital to minimize the number of cable joints. With our Long Run Value Package you can increase continuous production lengths up to 80% without stopping the line. All this has a direct impact on your productivity. The value package consists of our novel SM7 insulation screw and THX 70/150 LR triple crosshead.

50 - 80% increase in insulation lengths

The novel insulation screw SM7 is designed to reduce scorch risk by minimizing stagnation points. It has a much higher specific output than our earlier screws and thereby a lower melt temperature. The new SM7 screw results in a 50-80% increase in insulation lengths (measured in tons).

Better material flow and temperature control with a new crosshead

The triple crosshead THX 70/150 LR has been developed to enable longer production runs by improved material flow and temperature control. The key improvements compared to our standard triple crosshead are shorter material residence time, minimized stagnation risks, increased water tempered area, and improved distribution.


Jorma Leppänen
Product Manager, MV/HV/EHV Cable Solutions

Topics: Performance solutions, Product quality, Production Capacity, Wire & cable manufacturing

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