Think SMART - Act SMART!

Step changers are a real challenge. They take time to happen. But when they do, you can achieve the unimaginable. Smart Manufacturing is here.

It is rewarding to experience the critical mass finally coming together, as you move towards a step-changing goal with determination and put the pieces in place step-by-step. Suddenly, you are able to achieve things you could never imagine possible. Today, Smart Manufacturing is such a step changer.

Think SMART - Act SMART!

New skills are meeting current know how and hard-earned experience. The right links are being made. Things are falling into place. It is amazing to see the boost in innovations. As a result, we see a new flow of smart solutions that is built on the creation of digitalization and artificial intelligence. These solutions are adapted to high performance manufacturing lines and components. They open a completely new window of opportunity in order to further increase outputs, quality, and efficiencies.

The market is currently flooded with offerings and promises in this field. It is of outmost importance that you carefully choose those applications and products, which can guarantee a highly efficient value-adding outcome. Think SMART!

We claim that there is no manufacturing line around to which double-digit performance improvements cannot be achieved through limited action and short term ROI. An additional production line is not necessarily the only answer - thinking and acting SMART is!

Year 2020 is an active one for exhibitions, with main Wire & Cable shows coming up in China and WIRE2020 in Germany in December. We are bringing plenty of new innovative equipment, as well as smart technology to these shows. Return frequently to our Blog to learn more about the smart solutions taking hold of our industry.

Lars Fagerholm
Executive Vice President

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Maillefer Smart Factory

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K Show in  Düsseldorf

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Working as a team Maillefer and Davis-Standard experts welcome you  all to K2019.  Come and visit us in Hall 16 booth A43.

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wire 2020 for Customers and Partners

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This year's events are impacting how we operate our businesses. Important decisions about exhibition cancellations are announced. wire 2020 in ...

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