Building Wire Production Needs Renewal

1.2Building wire market is all about the cost. Just think about the use of cables in modern societies. Cabling is needed in all building types and across infrastructure. It has to be safe, durable, easy to install, but low-priced.

According to a CRU report published in January 2014, the estimated size of the low voltage market was 6278 thousand tons of conductor in 2013, including building wire applications. The annual growth has been approximately 2.7%, headed by the rapid growth markets with huge urbanization trends and fast city development. 

At the same time, demands for safe and environmentally responsible solutions and creating more from less are taking stand.

Material intensiveness means pressure for profitability

Cable production is maybe the most material intensive industry in the world. Up to 80 – 85% of the production costs comes from the materials. To win the game, innovation is needed at all phases of production. Can we save raw materials? Could we use more affordable materials? How could we ensure productivity from the start? Is there some way to optimize production settings for the specific needs of local markets?

These are the questions we are asked a lot. Our reliable insulation technology is a classic choice for those who value continuous and high-speed production over other things. As a bonus, you also have a complete control over material and energy usage.

Low cost but quality wire above all

To fully support diverse customer needs, we have developed our offering in the high speed insulation lines. Today we have three levels of production solutions for building wire insulation:  EEL 20/Enter, EEL 20//Extend and EEL 20///Explore.

Each level is designed according to our highest quality standards, and cost-efficiency in mind. The greatest variation can be found in capacity, budget and automation levels and maintenance needs.

All our solutions give you full productivity from day one. Low cost per produced wire meter has been one of the main design principles. It has been made possible by the state-of-the-art technology, the maintenance-free line design and smart use of materials and energy. What is the optimal solution for your building wire production needs?

Heikki Saastamoinen, Product Manager

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