We Build a Sustainable World

Our innovations allow customers to do “more with less”, which is fundamental in building a more sustainable world. It's all about succeeding in the transition and how it applies to the ability to operate with social responsibility.

The need and demand for sustainable solutions is growing exponentially on all fronts. Maillefer is tightly associated to several key end-markets and with industry leaders that play a pivotal role in driving and enabling the growth. We strive actively to offer them the innovative solutions for succeeding in the transition. In doing so, we are able to integrate sustainability into how we run our business and how we meet our goals for social responsibility.


Take for example, the global shift towards green electrification, to which we are strongly committed. Our role in this evolutionary process is to continuously innovate. Thus, we give our customers the best capacity utilization rates, the highest end-product quality, and the needed support to develop new product designs and to process new materials.


The key towards offering constant innovation is to better master the extrusion process. The ability to utilize digital smart technologies to measure, communicate, adjust, and even automate the process into our production lines has given us completely new tools to reach the next level. The common denominator of our recent innovations is allowing customers to do “more with less”, which is fundamental in building a more sustainable world.


Maillefer takes pride in providing the technical solutions that meet our commitment to operate in the most responsible and sustainable way. We tirelessly develop our business processes and controls to ensure the most robust performance in areas such as environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.


This year, we have attained the EcoVadis Sustainability Silver rating. Such recognition represents a major milestone for our organization as we move steadily through the next series of qualifications and towards gold. Achievements mark an era where corporate social responsibility and sustainability have become essential in modern business operations.

Lars Fagerholm, EVP



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