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What’s to be expected from today’s extrusion manufacturing provider when investing in production capacity or when looking to improve performance ?

This is a question that our customers frequently ask themselves. Based on recent customer surveys, they are increasingly interested in building up partnerships with suppliers having superior technical competences. It’s not only about the manufacturing equipment, but also about the total manufacturing process know-how.

Reaching expectations

Maillefer holds a role of being the market and technology leader. But today, expectations from that role are higher. We are entering into the next phase by deepening our partnership levels and developing more services. The target is to increase the productivity and profi tability of our customers’ business even further.

We have all the elements in hand. Our personnel has much experience and a large understanding of the production processes of several applications. Our products are state-of-the-art, and we have been investing heavily on new product concepts. Having our own roots in cable manufacturing and extrusion innovation gives us the strongest possible support for today’s developments. By combining these qualities, we are able to provide service packages with indisputable
benefits for our customers.

Maillefer Consultation launched

From now on wire, cable, pipe and tube manufacturers can choose their unique combination of knowledge and know- how services from Maillefer Consultation. In addition to proven manufacturing technology, a manufacturer can develop his production at a Maillefer R&D Center, with trainings, by factory audits, or via plant definition studies that lead to the delivery of complete factory systems. 

Explore your ideas with our R&D 

Within our factory in Finland, we have made the vertical extrusion line available for R&D purposes over the last two years. This has been highly appreciated and used by our customers in the cable industry. Such a successful case is presented in our blog at “Improve Your Cable Production at Our R&D Center”.

A second R&D Center was inaugurated last December in Ecublens, Switzerland. It is dedicated to Pipe & Tube manufacturing solutions. The feature at this moment is a system for the production of micro-drip irrigation laterals for efficient plant feeding in agriculture. Other extrusion systems are in the plans.

Such available equipment brings unique opportunities to our customers to explore new areas in their respective fields, well in advance to any product launch and machinery investment. Visitors to our R&D Centers benefit from the know-how of our entire crew, including the R&D team, product management, engineering and process specialists.

Enabling co-creation

These testing and development facilities are an enabler for value co-creation, where we cooperate closely with our privileged customers. Our technology and know-how leadership within the specific markets ensure access to the latest available innovations for our customers. Combining efforts helps master production constraints and stay ahead
of competition.

Philippe Moeschler
Director, Operations - Pipe & Tube Business Line

Veikko Nieminen
Director, Sales & Marketing, Wire & Cable Business Line

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