Master More with Less – Feel the Magic

Maillefer is proud to drive changes taking place in our industry. It feels like magic, filled with excitement, when innovations are at their best! Master more with less.

Our industry has an important role and responsibility in enabling a better and more sustainable future. At Maillefer we are proud to be part of this evolution. As a key technology provider, we place a strong focus on our direct business footprint. We propose the important innovations for making change happen in a most durable way. It is a change that affects the entire supply chain and ultimately affects the practices of our industry’s end markets.


Our mission for providing sustainable value is to master more with better material choice, lower utility costs, less material use, and less scrap. Here, customers can achieve significant savings. We have readily available answers for saving raw materials in remarkable ways and towards a more sustainable future. To meet the goals, Maillefer continues pioneering with all our stakeholders. Together, we are committed to providing a premium sustainable production aimed at transforming the industry.


Key exhibitions have recently taken place, including Wire & Tube Düsseldorf, Chinaplas Shanghai and NPE Orlando. We were proud and excited to present several new significant innovations for driving efficiency, quality, and sustainable values. They are the result of close cooperation and partnerships with key customers. Such relationships are a core driver in our “House of Experts” philosophy. We look forward to sharing the innovative solutions throughout our publications. It feels like magic, filled with excitement, when innovations are at their best!


We believe that early partnering in R&D drives efficient new product development and supports specific customer needs for a sustainable future. Continued advancement of processes and technology, throughout the lifecycle of the equipment brings excellence in performance.


Partnerships go beyond technology. They influence the way we serve, communicate, brainstorm, and continuously seek improvements overall. Partnerships include taking responsibility beyond our daily business operations, driving sustainability, and business ethics. It is all about how we commit to common goals based on common values.


Lars Fagerholm,
President Maillefer D-S Infrastructure Business Unit


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