COVID-19 - Maillefer's Cautious Return

As the peak in the global health crisis passes, Maillefer engages a cautious return to the workplace. Visitation and travel are carefully considered and reconsidered, as authorities relax COVID-19 restrictions progressively and with prudence. Each Maillefer facility implements actions according to how local and international regulations are eased.

COVID-19 - A cautious return

Maillefer announces a progressive return of personnel to the workplace. Core staff are being joined by a workforce that operated offsite throughout the crisis. This will also allow us to again welcome visitors for necessary approval tests and equipment acceptance.

Our services and sales operations have begun planning their long-awaited travel within Europe and beyond, as countries soon lift travel bans. Interaction by videoconferencing is proven a relevant alternative to travel. Indeed, the installation of a fiber optic line was just completed under guidance of a Maillefer technician connected remotely.

Shaping our future

As the facilities prepare to safely house the growing numbers, social distancing and hand hygiene remain the watchwords. The necessary measures are ensured.

Maillefer is eager to return to full occupation while exercising much care. The crisis has revealed much about the abilities of our personnel. The experiences lived over the past months are helping to shape our future work environments and the novel solutions we put in place to best serve the extrusion industry.

Lars Fagerholm
EVP, Maillefer Group

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