New NCC Module Shortens Degassing Times


New function in the Curing Calculation Program NCC for calculating optimum degassing times.

Methane degassing - an intermediate process in the production of high (HV) and extra high voltage (EHV) XLPE insulated cables - is often a bottleneck in cable production. Measuring methane concentrations is quite demanding. Degassing times are over estimated just to be on the safe side, especially for newcomers in HV and EHV cable production. The result is unwanted delays in production.

Our Curing Calculation Program NCC is a well-known recipe generator for dry curing CV insulation lines. A new module now includes the function for methane degassing calculation. With it, degassing times can be substantially reduced.

The degassing function is based on a physical diffusion model which has been integrated as part of the NCC heat transfer and cross-linking model. A unique feature is the ability to calculate methane concentration during the CV-process as well as the degassing that follows on a reel or in a basket.

The results have been verified with various HV and EHV cables by measuring methane concentrations after the CV-process and during degassing.


  • Calculation of correct methane degassing times for new HV and EHV XPLE cable constructions 
  • Substantially shorter methane degassing times

Janne Harjuhahto
R&D Engineer, Wire & Cable Business Line

Topics: Product quality, R&D, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation

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