State-of-the-Art Updated Calculation Utility for CV Lines

Web-enabled NCC makes production and investment planning even more accessible. Its calculation engine helps determine production speeds on all types of CV lines. Calculate a single construction for several lines and identify the optimum one for producing it.

A new version web-NCC makes production and investment planning more accessible for planners and factory designers. The industry’s leading calculation tool is web-enabled. True and tested over the decades, its calculation engine offers tools for determining production speeds for new cable products on all types of CV lines. The integrated line database makes it easy to calculate a single construction for several lines and identifies the better suited one for running a single product.

Web-NCC has an option for benchmarking equipment upgrades on current lines and production speed calculations on future lines yet to be constructed. Product mix optimization through different line configurations is an additional feature.


  • Easy access, web-enabled version
  • True and time-tested calculation engine
  • Best fit determination for cable constructions
  • Benchmarking option for existing and future capacity
  • Additional feature for product mix optimization.

Mikko Lahti
Director, R&D

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