Our Ambition to Build a Better Tomorrow is Driving Our Business

The momentum is gaining in all Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube segments. Sustainability is firmly guiding Maillefer's choices daily on how we operate and run our business.

A certain momentum is gaining in all Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube segments. Sustainable values are ever strengthening. They are directly in line with end market demand moving decisively in this direction. At Maillefer, we are proud to be an active partner in driving the changes. We have taken the lead in supplying related innovations, particularly those which enable the industry to fulfill these commitments.

The green energy revolution, including the switch from fossil fuels to the production of clean energy with renewable sources, is a massive long-term commitment for all of us. The need to progress continues to accelerate. Are the technology providers and key business players capable of moving fast enough to meet the series of ambitious goals? We are certainly giving our best and all our efforts.

Our commitment to provide sustainable values has several different dimensions. Clearly, we have the highest impact and most potential in providing our customers with new capacity. It requires innovative new solutions and services, which enable the manufacturing of end products in the most efficient and sustainable manner. A sharp focus is brought on materials, manufacturing process efficiencies, and securing the best end product quality.

To maintain top performance and quality throughout long equipment lifetimes is of utmost importance. We support the installed base through our growing after market portfolio.

Today, sustainability is firmly guiding our choices daily on how we operate and run our business. The drive towards sustainable values is a priority. We place it at the core of the Maillefer brand.

Lars Fagerholm, EVP





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