Packed to go the Distance

IMG_6807aSince the introduction of blown (or air-jetted) fiber technologies via micro-ducts, Maillefer has been at the forefront of providing specific solutions to a small group of manufacturers who believed in micro-duct’s future. Now with demand growing so does the requirement for increased production performance and capacity. One area where producers seek optimization is in the conditioning of micro-duct between extrusion and bundle assembly & jacketing.

Focus on the work in progress

Maillefer has the answer with an automatic barrel packer particularly suited for packing product at high speeds into octagon barrels. Several cost related advantages come to light. The overall time to produce is shortened thanks to less interruptions in micro-duct lengths. Tube lengths that are contained in high capacity barrels are considerably longer than those on a reel. Plus, by laying the tube down in a loose fashion, the micro-duct quality is maintained and it keeps a relaxed form. Octagon barrels are easy to store before being used in the subsequent assembly operation. Unwinding from octagon barrels is a simple process and does not require expensive driven pay-offs.

Ready for the next step

The barrel packer is integrated at the end of our Mirco-duct Pipe Extrusion Line, PUL 032//Extend, where it takes up produced micro-duct ranging in diameter from 3 to 14 mm. Product includes one, two or three layer constructions with optional striping, where a typical construction consists of an inner silicone PE layer with a low friction coefficient. Of course, customers are free to choose a classic automatic dual coiler for handling shorter lengths. It largely depends on the requirements from the operation that follows.

Where long runs become worthwhile

Taking individual micro-duct and bundling them together into a principal duct is done on the Assembly & Sheathing Line, PUL 063//Extend. The line assembles and jackets bundles of up to 24 micro-ducts with a total outer diameter of up to 63 mm max. An optional metal forming bench is available for ducts that require an overlapped aluminum shield around the bundle. Finished product is wound on large diameter reels ready for deployment. By having longer micro-ducts available from upstream, more full length reels can be produced without joints.

Going the distance

Maillefer’s micro-duct extrusion lines are complete, fully integrated solutions that are available from one source. Our lines offer manufacturers the solutions that help them meet the growing demands for fiber optic deployment – solutions that help them go the distance.

Philippe Giovangrandi
Product Manager, Special Pipe Solutions

Topics: Production Capacity, Production cost, Novelties & Launches, Pipe & tube manufacturing

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