Pipe Reeler Boosted for Longer Micro-duct Lengths

Extrusion line performance and micro-duct tube lengths for blown fiber bundles continue to be the subject of improvements and innovative design. We’ve given a boost of nearly 2/3 more in product length capacity at the reeling end of our micro-duct lines.

The KWD dualer reeler for micro-duct, previously limited to a 1000 mm reel, is no exception. We’ve given a boost of nearly 2/3 more in product length capacity with a 1250 mm version. And if you’re ready for even longer lengths, an alternative employing barrels instead of a reeler offers a considerable jump more.

Long runs become worthwhile

The KWD 1250 fully automatic dual reeler integrates to the end of our Micro-duct Pipe Extrusion Line, PUL 032//Extend, where it conditions micro-duct ranging in diameter from 3.5 to

16 mm. The larger machine can handle full reels from 650 to 1250 mm and weighing up to 300 kg. A 67% potential increase in volume leaves more lay room for product. Finished reels with longer lengths become an advantage in the next operation - assembly & sheathing.

The PUL 063//Extend brings individual micro-ducts together to be bundled and jacketed into a principal duct. A bundle can count up to 24 micro-ducts and measure a total outer diameter of up to 63 mm max. By having longer micro-ducts available from each reel that feeds assembly and sheathing, a longer bundle can be produced in one go before requiring a new joint or junction.

Need more?

Maillefer has the answer with an automatic barrel packer particularly suited for getting more length at high speeds into octagon barrels. Several cost related advantages come to light. The overall time to produce bundles is shortened thanks to less interruptions in micro-duct lengths. Tube lengths that are contained in high-capacity barrels are considerably longer than those on a reel. Plus, by laying the tube down in a loose fashion, the micro-duct integrity is retained in a relaxed form. Octagon barrels are easy to stack and store before being used in the subsequent assembly operation. Unwinding from octagon barrels is quite simple.


Going the distance

Maillefer’s micro-duct extrusion lines are complete, fully integrated solutions that are available from one source. Shorter time to produce, longer lengths, handling ease and resulting lower costs are possible with the new high-capacity version of the KWD reeler or with our barrel packing alternative. Our lines offer manufacturers the solutions that help them meet the growing demands for fiber optic deployment – solutions that help you go the distance.

Philippe Giovangrandi
Technical Director

Topics: Performance solutions, Solutions, Production Capacity, Upgrade Solutions, Extrusion, Innovation, Pipe & tube manufacturing

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