PURely with Extrusion


Polyurethane (PUR or PU) is an extremely resistant polymer used in special applications like compressed air tubes, oil and fuel tubes, oxygen & gas lines, cable jacketing, and more. A variety of formulations exists to meet the specific standards known to the food, health, aeronautics, chemical, automotive industries. PUR is said to be growing globally at a rate of about 4 to 5% per annum, depending on public reports. Our PSL 032 //Extend line, which is configured for the particularities of this material, helps you produce PUR tubes with ease.

Mastering PUR melt and calibration

The typical line that we supply for producing single-layer compressed air tube is made up of an MXC 60-24D extruder with a TL 54 extrusion head and appropriate tooling for processing PUR. Popular tube sizes range in this case from 6 to 14 mm. Hot PUR tube is somewhat difficult to form as it leaves the head. Mastering a stable melt flow and the calibration at the start of the water trough section are key. Our PSL 032 //Extend line comes fully integrated with downstream components including measuring devices, automated controls and our automatic dual coiler.

PUR and more

Note, our PSL family of extrusion lines covers a variety of special applications outside of the PUR window. Some of the examples below are simply a reflection of the niches occupied by our users.

  • Compressed air and vacuum tube for machines and robots
  • Aerosol tube for spray cans and bottles
  • Beverage tube for soda and beer fountains
  • Garden hose for home and garden
  • Special heat shrinkable tube for wire & cable ends

It is possible that your specific application is not listed above. Your tube, pipe, conduit, duct, hose or whatever may represent a new product or a new way of doing things. Whether you are looking to produce it with PUR or another polymer, share your requirements with us. You may be pleasantly surprised what types of tubes & pipes can be produced on our extrusion lines.

Philippe Giovangrandi
Technical Sales Director, Pipe & Tube Business

Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing

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