Realize a Winning Layout

Extrusion lines come in standard layout configurations. However, is a standard layout enough? Being able to consider a specific alternative layout may make all the difference.

Standard layouts are a good place to start. They are useful to qualify and quantify the specifications and related performances. Having a standard layout in hand, starting from extrusion through cooling to final conditioning, is a good first step. It lets you better visualize the organization of your factory.

However, is a standard layout enough? How properly will the planned installation fit your current constraints and future ones? Maillefer’s experienced sales team backed by product, project and engineering specialists is at your service to find the most suitable layout for your needs.

When building size limits performance

A common case cited is the request to increase speed and extrusion output. The topic of cooling length immediately arises, followed by concerns of product quality. Do you have room downstream to sufficiently cool the product before pulleys, sheaves, dancers, belts, etc. come in contact with the product? Within limited floor space, what are the maximum achievable speeds for given product? Solutions exist to work with non-standard line configurations. Maillefer can help optimize a line’s output performance considering space restrictions and the product mix.

Two lines combined into one

Imagine moving an array of seven extruders and one crosshead from one line position to another whenever you want to go change product type? This is the scenario that one pipe producer envisioned. He wasn’t ready to invest in a second complete extrusion group to avoid such a move whenever changing product. And moving cooling, testing and winding equipment was out of the question too. In other words, he realized that there was enough production capacity needs to share the same extrusion group with two different downstream lines.

The customer brought his request to Maillefer. Within a short time, the technical staff had the solution in hand. A mobile platform to which were solidly fixed the 6-layer extrusion group, an additional striping extruder, and the versatile Maillefer co-extrusion head, was taking shape on the drawing board. Soon the customer saw what he wanted – a quick way to move his multiple extruders from one line to another, only three meters apart. No timely dismantling or error-prone alignment issues; just a smooth transfer from one product set-up to another with minimum down time.

Realize a winning layout

A standard layout may be fine in an ideal world, but oftentimes real-world constraints get in the way. Sit down with us to discuss your plans and the space limitations you do have. Many can be overcome by integrating a winning layout that fits your situation.

Ernst Geider
Sales Director, Pipe & Tube Business Line

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