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Production processes, machinery, and maintenance practices have developed over time. The wealth of know-how acquired is available for you via our Consultation offering.

Over the decades, the installed base of Maillefer extrusion systems delivered and serviced worldwide has grown to well over 4000 units. The production processes, the machinery, and the maintenance practices have developed together with users in many ways. The result is a wealth of knowledge and experience that is at the core of our Consultation services.


A collection of service tools

The Services offered are destined for our Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube customers engaged in keeping their production lines running efficiently as well as maintaining the highest level of product quality. We have grouped four main consultation service products under one name - Performance Review Services.


For Maillefer lines and components, the PRS provide intuitive tools to locate the bottle necks and to improve equipment potential. Based on a comprehensive study and detailed analysis of the current situation, we provide a detailed action plan. It describes how to best improve and establish the top performance and how to reach your targets.


Four (4) for performance

The Line Equipment Assessment (LEA) focuses on maintenance and availability related issues. Our experienced technicians will spend one to three days, depending on line type, reviewing the condition of each component along the entire line. They will study the performance of the line during operation. You will get a written report with the current status and improvement recommendations. It serves as guidelines to support and assist your local maintenance team as they plan upcoming preventive maintenance actions for minimal risk of unplanned shutdowns.


The Line Performance Review (LPR) is our most extensive services product. It is a performance evaluation of the production line for current and future needs. The LPR takes into account the condition of the equipment, process settings, tools as well as operation and maintenance procedures. The needed time for this product is two to four days, depending on the scope and line type. The line is viewed during line run, line stop, crosshead cleaning and line re-start. You will receive a complete report with status report and improvement proposals in accordance with your specific needs. Such a benchmark is ideal to realize before any planned line move, for example.


A Process Survey (PS) helps evaluate the levels of capacity and quality of the production line in regards to the actual product catalogue. The production process and operator practices are surveyed. Together with you, specific targets are agreed upon in order to identify the key items to survey. For example, the analysis can focus on achieving expected output, improved quality settings or an optimal start-up procedure. Normally the survey duration last one to three days on site. Maillefer calls upon highly seasoned personnel with years of process experience to serve your needs.


When you have quite specific technical issues for a piece of equipment, our Technical Inspection (TI) service may be the answer. The TI helps develop an action plan to prevent production disturbances, now or in the future. An extruder malfunction, crosshead dismantling issues or irregular machine output are examples where your maintenance team may benefit from our Services team experience.


Available for your benefit

Immediate benefits of Performance Review Services:

  • better understanding of the actual situation and how to improve it
  • increased productivity after implementation of agreed actions
  • savings in material and resource usage
  • improved OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) of the line.


A wealth of knowledge and experience about production processes, machinery, and best practices are available with the PRS service offering. Reach out to discuss with us on how to improve your performance and how to reach your goals. Together we can find out the right solution based exactly on your specific needs.


Roger Möller
VP, Maillefer Services



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