State-of-the-Art CMC Compact Cutter

The CMC is a cutter designed to powerfully cut rigid pipe, quickly, cleanly and precisely. It is ideal for Automotive and Heating & Plumbing pipe, like PEX-Al-PEX.


CMC Compact Cutter


The CMC 35 and 50 models are designed to powerfully cut rigid pipes, quickly, cleanly and precisely. They are rated for Automotive and Heating & Plumbing applications, like composite pipe. The blade construction is perfectly suited for these production speeds. The unit is compact and eliminates the need of motor-driven cutting carriage and longer layouts. The knife is robust for cutting through the tougher layers of PEXAl- PEX composite pipe. The CMC can be bypassed when a coiler / reeler is positioned downstream.



  • Tube diameters of 35 or 50 mm, max.
  • line speed of 5 m/min.
  • Cycle of 750 cut/min, max.
  • Cut length accuracy of down to ±2 mm
  • Compact unit less than 1 m wide
  • Available as a component or a value package.


Stéphane Badoux
Component Manager


Topics: Pipe & tube manufacturing, automotive, speed, cutter, Heating & Plumbing, composite, precision

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