State-of-the-Art Head Crosshead

Be ready with this perfect solution for medium- and high-voltage PP insulated cable production. Short residence times and streamlined flow channels are just the beginning of what this crosshead offers.

THC 70/150 HE Crosshead

A perfect solution for medium- and high-voltage PP insulated cable production. The optimized helical distributor enables accurate wall thickness, centricity, and roundness of the cable. The helical design increases overlapping in the insulation seam area thus improving the electrical properties of the cable. Short residence times, streamlined flow channels and efficient electric heating favors long production lengths and smooth layer surfaces. The centering of all layers can be adjusted independently. Conical flow pieces are made of nitrided steel to ensure continuity in production for many years.



  • Three layer extrusion for MV and HV PP insulations up to 500 kV
  • Accurate cable dimensions
  • Long continuous production lengths
  • Wide production range
  • Easy handling with low damage risk
  • Fast setup time.


Petri Vetterstrand, Chief Engineer Extrusion





Topics: Wire & cable manufacturing, multilayer, insulation, high voltage, medium voltage

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