What Do You Choose, Tandem or Co-extrusion?


Making the case for tandem with PCL //Extend

Both extrusion groups have their advantages, but favoring either a co-extrusion or tandem design may depend on specific productivity and maintenance considerations. In the case of a PEX-Al-PEX construction, the adhesive plus outer layer extruded in tandem may prove more efficient in certain situations. Two separate single-layer heads makes cleaning and product changes quicker than with one dual layer head.

  • NMS 30-24D and MXC 60-24D extruders in tandem
  • Two identical ECH 32/45 heads with classic single layer design
  • Separate heads for independent cleaning cycles
  • Faster cleaning time than with adhesive and PEX combined in one co-extrusion head
  • Quicker set-up times.

Alain Schiess
Product Manager, Heating & Plumbing Pipe Solutions


Topics: Production cost, Pipe & tube manufacturing

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