Wish to Improve Your High Voltage Cable Production?


Our new triple crosshead THX 70/150LR has been developed to enable longer production runs by improved material flow and temperature control. The key improvements compared to our standard triple crosshead are shorter material residence time, minimized stagnation risks, increased water tempered area, and improved distribution. The crosshead is part of the Long Run Value Package.

What you get

  • Optimized for vertical CV lines producing high and extra high voltage subsea cable
  • Maximum cable lengths without factory joints and minimal production downtime
  • Better production efficiency with short residence time
  • Higher cable quality thanks to excellent flow distribution and layer separation
  • Insulation distributor without ball bushing, providing smooth cable surface and less connection points.


Timo Mäkelä
Process Specialist, MV&HV Cable Solutions

Topics: Uppgrade solutions, Product quality, Novelties & Launches, Wire & cable manufacturing

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