A World in Full Acceleration

We are witnessing a number of factors currently driving and accelerating our business. Needed decisions that build on growth in new appearing markets are offering opportunities. The time to act is now.

Fortunately, the world awakens with the challenges brought about by this pandemic. The time has come to look ahead. Needed decisions that build on growth in new appearing markets offer opportunity, yet timing is critical.

A reduced demand during the recession has built a pressing need for the coming future. We are only beginning to feel its effects now. Manufacturing resources are a key factor. The capability to use the installed capacity, in a most flexible way, has become essential.

Sustainable values are driving both future growth and new product standards. The changes in the energy sector towards renewable energy solutions are both increasing cable demand and the corresponding expectations for a higher quality end product. Stricter material regulations and the need for material waste efficiency set new requirements, particularly relating to our manufacturing processes. Last but not least, manufacturing efficiency, capacity reliability, and maximized utilization rates are listed as growing competitive advantages. The common success factors emphasized are efficiency, reliability, quality, and sustainability.

Maillefer continues to place a high priority on innovations that boost manufacturing with your existing lines. We are also making strong progress in developing new technology for online process controls, in increasing the volume of line outputs and that of product quality.

Lars Fagerholm
Executive Vice President

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