Does Your Factory Represent a Risk or an Opportunity?


Making an investment in capital goods represents a certain amount of risk. New equipment brings with it the unfamiliar and the unexpected. Yet, it also holds great promises when placed in ready and able hands.

Maillefer is a proven technology and quality leader in its field. We not only provide different levels of technology, but we also provide dedicated lifecycle support for your investment.

Limit your outage consequences with an SLA

Your competitiveness is one of our main priorities. By building cooperation through a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you choose the most uncomplicated way to sustain that competitiveness. Maillefer provides you with full coverage of predefined support and maintenance services. We are able to identify problems early on with our service experts and our global competence network.

Cooperation under the SLA significantly limits the consequences of an outage. The amount of unknown process mistakes and machinery malfunctions are reduced. Your day-to-day operation is assured and your business can be developed fully. You can rely on us to have your assets function at the optimal level across their lifetime.

How to keep your promises towards your customers?

During an unexpected breakdown, direct access to technical support can save the day. In addition, agreed response and intervention times help you plan other corrective measures. Most importantly, an SLA helps get you back up and running as soon as possible!

Maillefer’s Service Level Agreement is a great tool when you want regular care for the best product. Our target is to establish both the availability and the productivity of your equipment. This way, you can reach the lowest total cost of ownership and seek out great opportunities.

Felix Ferreiro, VP, Customer Services

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