Top Efficiency – Get Your Cooling Right


Temperature control and cooling is a vital part of the process to produce top quality cables. An optimally dimensioned cooling trough is also one of the key factors in production efficiency. A wrongly or deficiently dimensioned cooling process can result a perfectly extruded product useless.

Consequently it is essential to allow this production step the necessary intensity and experience. We have thoroughly streamlined the product line and are pleased to introduce the new generation cooling trough family MCS with optimization for all cable applications.


Cooling Trough MCS 100

The new generation cooling trough family MCS

  • Precise technology by design and quality
  • Improved efficiency for all applications 
  • Optimization for different cable applications
  • Robust design and easy installation
  • Very easy to use
  • Cost efficient operation for a lifetime 
  • Available in several models and sizes.


Heikki Saastamoinen, Product Manager – Low Voltage Cable Solutions

Jari Nykänen, Product Manager – Fiber Optic Cable Solutions

Topics: Wire & cable manufacturing, Novelties & Launches, Product quality

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