Is Your Line Control Living on the Edge?

Critical S5 PLC components are proving to be nearly impossible to find anywhere on the world’s markets. Are you ready to face the increasing probability of a breakdown?

Extrusion lines that still operate with the Simatic S5 model PLCs, are extremely vulnerable and are on the edge of turning into a painful shutdown. When a critical S5 component breaks down, its replacement is proving nearly impossible to find anywhere on the world’s markets. The consequences may represent significant production losses.

One common failure comes from repeated disruptions in electrical supply that damage ageing controls. When the power does surge on again, some elements of the PLC system may no longer cycle up. After years of loyal service, the system is dead in its tracks, and so is the extrusion line.

It is highly recommended to update the system while the old S5 is still operational. Maillefer currently sees delivery times extending. Each S5 breakdown event takes more time trying to resolve. Each one needs to be reviewed case by case. There is no ready-made solution to get a faulty S5 system up and running. Only a longer term preventive action (i.e. upgrade) gives serenity for the future.


Why upgrade?

The main reason for a line control upgrade is to increase extrusion line reliability and continuity. A complete line control upgrade may extend the extrusion line life span significantly, as the mechanical components are usually still in very good operative condition. After the upgrade, all critical electrical components are up-to-date. Spare parts availability is newly secured.

And with an upgrade there is an added bonus. Facilities built in the modern controls allow for simplified integration of new generation equipment, devices and instruments. Support overall becomes easier to locate, as the S7 technology is actual to industry.


Benefits of taking the step

We prepare a line control upgrade in all its detail. The original electrical documentation and control functions are translated accurately into the new designs. You get new electrical drawings, cable lists, cable connection diagrams and assistance with cable markings, if needed.

Throughout time, your installed equipment was maybe subject to modifications and repairs. For this reason, we recommend a pre-engineering visit, where our specialist goes through the line and identifies changes. Both parties then have a clear picture about the line’s condition. Critical functions and equipment are qualified during this visit. Our aim is to propose an optimally planned intervention for the upgrade to take place in ideal conditions.

A line control upgrade is covered by our support, service, guarantee and maintenance. After the upgrade, the line automation products fit into Maillefer’s state-of-the-art NOMOS concept.


The upgrade is...

Ergonomics brought to the line operation with:

  • Operator panel located near the crosshead
  • Production control and supervision by PSU (Process Supervisor Unit) in a separate, quieter, and better adapted control room
  • Remote PSU display, located normally near pay-offs / take-ups, connected via a robust bus network (i.e. ProfiNet).


Modern components and controls that include:

  • Nomos PSU 6 with an industrial PC, InTouch foundation, Maillefer planned database, customer application and configuration
  • Operator panels, including Siemens TP2200 and KTP Basic panels
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC with TIA Portal
  • ProfiNet network
  • Siemens ET200SP distributed I/O ports.


Peace of mind

Take the step to upgrade the S5 generation PLC now. We understand the moment may never be perfect to plan such a shutdown, but what is the alternative? The original supplier has identified S5 technology as critical. We can only confirm based on experience helping customers. Get peace of mind by requesting the move to modern S7 technology.


Roger Möller
VP, Maillefer Services


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