State-of-the-Art Crosshead for Rubber

Here is a perfect solution for dual-layer extrusion of rubber cables. Aim for higher speeds while avoiding premature crosslinking thanks to the DHC crosshead.

Our DHC 110/140 crosshead is a perfect /Enter solution for single and dual-layer extrusion of LV and MV rubber cables. The conical design improves contact between parts for better centering, sealing, and heat transmission.

Large flow channels are optimized for high viscosity rubber compounds. Extruders can be positioned at opposing sides of the crosshead for short connection parts and easy change of layers, or to the same side for minimum extruder space requirement.


  • Offers accurate cable dimensions and a wide production range
  • Minimal-pressure levels for higher speeds and reduced crosslinking risks
  • Easy handling to minimize part damage
  • Designed for quick setups
  • Flexibility of extruder layout
  • Independent layer centering.

Jukka Virtanen
Product Manager, Rubber

Topics: Solutions, Product quality, Maillefer, Performance, Extrusion, Wire & cable manufacturing, Innovation, Rubber

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