Innovate in the R&D Center

Creating a development platform where together we explore the manufacturing limits in a real production environment. So far, it has proven successful to our customers and partners. Yet, there's more to come as we continue expanding.

Maillefer has deployed a unique set-up for you to create innovations. During the last years, we have participated in many exciting R&D projects with our customers and material suppliers. Our main goal is to create a development platform where together we explore the manufacturing limits in a real production environment.

Pilot lines and components

Pilot lines are available for high- and low-voltage as well as fiber optic cables in our R&D Center. The world’s unique vertical pilot line lets customers develop the cable production process as a whole. Under normal production conditions, testing the process limits is quite difficult. But in our world, it becomes easy and possible to go beyond. The fastest autonomous buffering is ideal for studying the fiber optic cable manufacturing process. Trials are applicable for dry- or gel-filled cable constructions. Tests are also possible with the new longitudinal taping technology in our new jacketing lines for low voltage applications.

Components are available for trials too. Pure extrusion studies can be made with several different sizes of extruders that are equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation.

A quick spiral to success

We continue to invest heavily in our laboratory facilities. Users get the advantage of testing the production limits and immediately analyzing the results with the experts. The R&D cycle is drastically reduced.

Process studies are linked with measurements which allow adjustment of process conditions and evaluation the next day. This cycle of tests and measurements creates a spiral to success for innovation. We are motivated to cooperate even more on projects with customers and material suppliers in our R&D center. Here we can introduce innovations directly to production processes and explore the interaction between end-product quality and process conditions.

Innovations together

When combining experts from cable making, machine-building, and material science, it is possible to open new doors for smart manufacturing. In Maillefer’s R&D Center we can push the limits even further by combining our latest artificial intelligence solutions and drastically decrease material overconsumption and increase the production efficiency.

Mikko Lahti
Director, R&D

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