Wheels are Spinning Fast

As we stride towards a more sustainable and “green” world, great excitement rises from the end-market. It’s creating a wide window of opportunity where demonstrations of innovation and new technology show success.

The world is indeed making significant strides towards a more sustainable and “green” world. Daily, we receive news as decision makers, both from the public and private sectors, undertake bold commitments for achieving progress. Sustainability has definitely taken its place as one of the top priorities on everyone’s agenda, and it’s a major business driver that offers opportunities for a great cause.

How the perspective has changed just over a one-year period! Investment programs with accelerated time frames are being put in place. Many of them get their funding and support from institutions, which shows society’s growing commitment to build a solid platform for “green energy” and material sustainability. Speed is critical from many aspects. For companies, being first to the market is more essential than ever. Moving fast becomes a competitive advantage as supply chains are filling up.

For us, the high activity from the end market is bringing great excitement. It creates a wide window of opportunity to demonstrate how our latest innovations and new technologies bring success to our customers. The current market trends and changing requirements are strongly supported by our product and service offerings, available from the Maillefer product portfolio.

It is rewarding to observe how customers place more emphasis in long-term sustainable solutions, ROI, as well as in capabilities to manufacture higher quality end products. We believe that their corresponding actions will surely offer payback.


Lars Fagerholm

Executive Vice President

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