Brown Wu Reports on Trend in Cable Infrastructure

Maillefer has logged more than 200% more in CV line orders for China in comparison to prior years. The 500th CV line milestone was past not so long ago and already the 600th one is coming into sight. Modern infrastructure projects are a driving force.

Brown Wu is our General Manager in Shanghai. He is on the forefront of exciting times for Maillefer in China. He reports that in the last year, the company logged 200% more in CV line orders from this region compared to prior years. The upward trend was already noticeable in 2018, when CV line orders began to climb. Then, Maillefer had announced its 500th CV line delivered to the Jiangsu Shangshang Group. Now, as the trend persists, the 600th CV line milestone is in sight. And chances are likely that Mr. Wu and a local customer will soon be at the center of celebrations.

The framework is in place to encourage growth, explains Mr. Wu. “Though the Chinese economy is affected by the pandemic, its economy reports sustained positive growth of 2.3%. The government’s current five-year plan is driving further scientific and technological innovations as well as focusing on green economy. The quinquennial Plan projects a continued increase of the GDP, which is expected to double by 2035.”

“The Ministry of Information Industry and the State Grid has set corresponding targets for 2035,” continues Brown Wu. “My country is investing much in technology, meeting a high level of standards in the industry, improving quality requirements in cable procurement for the power grid, and promoting development of the industry towards a high-end service. The target in terms of domestic energy, is for green energy to exceed conventional sources by a proportion of 25% in 2035. As the government strengthens its procurement activity for green energy cables, we see cable manufactures with corresponding capacity become fully loaded up to 2022.”

Maillefer made its Chinese debut in 1980. As a result, its installed base in the country is significant. It accounts for more than 50% of the imported wire and cable extrusion equipment nationwide. Backed by its R & D center created in 2013, many new technologies have been introduced to the market. Such extrusion innovations include Roundness curing, Smart manufacturing, Topography Scanner, and more. The production efficiency from these new solutions increases by more than 10% and the quality of cable products is largely improved. Confirmation comes from cable concentricity that attains levels of 99.5% or more. It’s nearly perfect. Such quality means a lot of raw material savings for the corresponding support processes and overall improved efficiency.

Our office was established in 1986 to provide services and support to customers locally, says Mr. Wu in closing. “The Shanghai team shows strong experience and a desire for perfection. Most of the staff has been with us more than 10 years, and some nearly 30. So, the ties and relationships with customers are indeed close. They know who to rely on when ordering Maillefer equipment and services. Recently, the health situation brought us challenges, yet our team completed needed commissioning perfectly and quickly thanks in part to the remote support of European colleagues and technology. I firmly believe that Chinese customers place their full trust in us and our products.”

Maillefer’s mission is to maximize the competitiveness of wire & cable and pipe & tube producers worldwide by providing proven value technology solutions and services. Brown Wu expects to participate in the ongoing success, driven largely by the upbeat trend in technology and services for cable infrastructure at home.

Brown Wu

Brown Wu

General Manager - China

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