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Elastomers Are a Welcome Arrival

Tape Folding Tools for Smooth Operation

World-class Expectations

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Boost Your Line Supervision with the New Maillefer PSU6.1

Wire Russia Calling

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Improving Present Performance of the EKP50 Take-ups

Processability with Maillefer Piloting

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Consultation Brings Value in Pipe & Tube

Intelligent Options for Producing Automotive Tube

Topography Scanner Dazzles NKT

///Explore - A perfect solution for HV & EHV cable production

/Enter - New App for Remote Tracking

Roundness Optimization - Part of Intelligent Process Control

Multi-layer Extrusion - A Driving Force at EMS

Smart Buffering - Remarkable Material Savings

Two in One on Stand 4 D141 at Arabplast 2019

Drop-in on Stand 1251 at the Irrigation Show

Technology Process Management for HVAC Subsea Cable - Flexible Vulcanized Joints

Maillefer Novelties @ Wire China 2018

What's new in low voltage?

Maillefer Smart Factory

Multiply the Probabilities for Success

Oriental Seizes Special Tubing Opportunity

33% Jump in Medical Tube Production

HVDC Optimization for NCC

Time is short. Join Maillefer with Davis-Standard now on stand W5947 at NPE in Orlando.

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Maillefer and ADVARIS introduce advanced plant maintenance

Topography Scanner – Art and science around digital quality measurement

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Running Fast with Nonlinear Modeling

Consultation products in the spotlight

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TCA's Quick Cycle Times

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PURely with Extrusion

Leading the Micro-duct Scene

How Effective is Your Equipment Overall?

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Maillefer Combines with Davis-Standard

New High Voltage Catenary Continuous Vulcanizing Line EPL 50/Enter

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Growing Undersea Infrastructure Redefines Quality Requirements

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Heavy Wall Without the Heavy Costs

New NCC Module Shortens Degassing Times

Maillefer Consultation Brings Value to Service

Automotive Multilayer Tube - Fuel Up with an SLA

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Giving Credit to Components

Utility Costs Worth Considering

Returning Home from Chinaplas

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Exhibits 11 and K29 Make It Happen Locally

New in Medical IV Tube

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Smart Dosing

Guangzhou – A Major Stop Along the Silk Road

Family Owned, Internationally Known

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Cable Congress in Moscow

Substantial Material Savings

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Convergence with Fiber Brings Broadband Reality

The Future is Here - Double Your Production Speeds

"Spasíbo" from Moscow

Process Know-how Is the Key

Nexans Suzhou Is on the Move

New Three-layer Crosshead

Starting Off 2017 with Arabplast & Interplastica

Wishing You Wisdom

PPC Gets a Plus

Digitalization – New Opportunities

Strong Partnership in Maillefer Factory System

Ending K and Moving on to Las Vegas

Successful Seminar and W&C Show in Mumbai

Heavy Wall Innovations

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Maillefer at IWCS 2016 – Production efficiency – the only way to success!

What Do You Choose, Tandem or Co-extrusion?

Taking the Twist Off Heavy Wall

Arili Explores the Micro-drip Frontier from Turkey

Micro-drip Irrigation Driller for /Enter Lines

In a New Hall with a Fresh Look

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New Gas Circulation Blower

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Competence that Counts with Maillefer Consultation

Maillefer Factory System

Speaking About Big Cables

Capacity with a Plus

The Key to Excellent Cable Core Roundness

Up to 500 k€ Annual Material Savings with Groundbreaking New Maillefer Technology

A Vote of Success During Line Demos

Maillefer Services Settles in Dubai

Micro-drip Irrigation – Fast Product Change

Counting Six for Automotive Fuel Lines and Vapor Returns

Versatile Curing Calculation

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Your Method of Choice for Heating & Plumbing Pipe

More Capacity − Just in Time

Pipe R&D Center Made Official

The Promise of Micro-drip Irrigation

Estralin Taps into the Power of an SLA

Enthusiasm & Innovation

Services Seminar Held in Cairo

What is Value?

Improve Your Cable Production at Our R&D Center

Top Efficiency – Get Your Cooling Right

New Aviation and Aerospace Cable Line

Don’t Overdo It – Save Material!

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Forget the Old Telex!

Optimized IV Tube Manufacturing

Willkommen an der Fakuma!

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A New Value Package is Here

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Getting Cool and Looking Good

Never too Late to Learn

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Have You Tested Our Vertical Pilot Line Yet?

Exploring the Potential with Prysmian

Maximize Your Production Lengths

Technology Cooperation is Vital

Drippers Marching On

3-D Printing Finds Its Place

Success at wire Russia 2015 - Also Regarding Soccer!

Chinaplas is now!

Optimizing the Balance of Power

A Special Force for Irrigation

Wish to Improve Your High Voltage Cable Production?

Maillefer on Booth FO B31 at wire Russia 2015

Stay Ahead of Obsolescence

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Moscow Reports Back on Interplastica

A Whole Lot of Fuss About Making Holes !

Cinegran Blows the Whistle on Irregular Material Flow

Wire & Cable Arabia Established in the Middle East

Top Quality at Higher Speeds

Analyze Your Cable Production with Maillefer’s New Software

Fruitful Maillefer Seminar in Moscow

Fantastic News for Rubber Cable Manufacturers

Acting on Market Potential Brings You Business

Effective W&C show in Mumbai Thanks to the Many Visitors

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1000 m/min - The Future is Here!

Addressing Service in a New Way

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New Choices for Fiber Optic Cable Production

Successful Wire & Cable Show in Shanghai

Micro-drip Irrigation Tube - Rapid Rupture Response

NEW - Aviation Specific Extrusion Line

NEW – 24/7 Helpdesk Service

New Value Package – Perfect Roundness Concept

Together Product Development is Easy

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The Coiler Revisited

Packed to go the Distance

Novel Purity Scanner to Minimize Cable Breakdowns

Is Your Cable Production of Top Performance?

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News from wire 2014 - Medium voltage CV line to Seval Kablo

R&D goes live!

Our New Market Concept Gives the Best Value for Different Capacities and Budgets

Maillefer Novelties #2 @wire 2014 – Hall 10 – Booth D21

Does Your Factory Represent a Risk or an Opportunity?

Welcome to the Maillefer Blog!

Maillefer Novelties at Wire 2014 – Hall 10 – Booth D21

Building Wire Production Needs Renewal

Micro-drip Irrigation Tube – a Tool for Smart Water Management